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2nd and 3rd April
- Sweats

Sweats by Wes Williams – come and join the boys in the steam heat. Contains strong language, scenes of an adult nature and full frontal nudity.

Sweats6 A3

Grin Theatre Company, Liverpool’s very own LGBT theatre company are pleased to bring back the Queertet smash hit Sweats. Originally performed at the Lantern Theatre 3 years ago, the return of this perfect gay rom-com has been fully revised and extended into a full length play. Set in a seedy sauna somewhere in a northern town, we follow the stories of the men who work in and frequent the establishment that is Sweats Exclusive Sauna. There’s Marty who is the manager of Sweats and she isn’t taking any prisoners, there’s Tommy and Eddie best mates, Sam who dreams of a life outside the steam and Calvin who is hunting for passion and maybe more.

A startling, frank and raw comedy drama which contains very strong language throughout, full frontal male nudity, some drug references and scenes of an adult nature. strictly no admittance to under 18’s.

Cast in order of appearance:
Marty(Martine) played by Natalie Kennedy
Sam played by John Bird
Tommy played by Gerard McLaughlin
Eddie played by Cameron McKendrick
Calvin played by Mitch Thornton

Director Kiefer Williams
Assistant Director Samuel Erskine
Producer Chris Sutherland
Associate Producer Stella Okafor-Ross
Stage Manager Emily Kelly


4th and 5th April
- The Bastard Queen

The Bastard Queen is a pitch-black comedy which follows the survival of the last five people on the planet after the apocalypse.

Bastard Queen

Everything is gone. Everyone. Four lone survivors, banded together by uncertain events struggle through life – or what is left of it. Then on a day as bleak as any other, a stranger arrives from the nothingness and disturbs the fragile balance of the group. Each member is forced to face themselves, each other, and overwhelming events that ensue. Albeit with the aid of umbrellas and shoes.

The play is littered with witty musings, laugh-out-loud comedy, and even touching, human moments. This emotionally dynamic production tackles topics ranging from what defines being ‘up’ in the morning, to starvation, to personal intimacy, all with a comical twist.  Co-written with Jemma Lynch and directed by Mikee Dickinson, this production will push the boundaries of black comedy. With Mikee and Jemma’s unique writing, and performances from a talented cast, including Nick Fraser (Illumination and They Shoot Dogs), Jemma Lynch, Megan Bond, Winston Branche and Kate Brady. Additional technical and art work also by Steven Yates and Tom Lyth.

‘The end’ is catching up with them, and with only their imaginations, endless rubbish and a grail-like find to entertain them, they decide to look at the brighter side of things, after all, it’s only the end of the world.

“An incredibly well acted free form play with punchy and funny dialogue and a great soundtrack and set. A very worthy joint winner of our Edinburgh Award 2014″. – Michael Brazier – NSDF CEO


8th April
- Matchbox Comedy Club April

Matchbox Comedy Club presents a monthly line up of “outside the box” funny.


Every single one of the acts on the bill comes with our personal recommendation. Like an overexcited psychopathic child with a butterfly collection, we have stuffed a bunch of our favourite comedy people into a matchbox and put them on display. It’s a carefully curated living museum of funny.

It’s “alternative” whatever that means, so some times it might be odd, shambolic and gorgeously inexplicable. there will be sketch troupes, double acts, songs, clowning, stand up’s  and sometimes even jokes.

Its new material so its delightfully rough around the edges, treading the fine line between genius and disaster.

Come and be a part of our club.

Carefully curated by your host and compere Alastair Clark and That Comedy Blog this months lineup includes…

LIAM PICKFORD Liam Pickford is carving out a name for himself. Far from your average “cuddly northern funster”, his aggressively funny and sharp as a pin brand of breakdown comedy has built him a fierce reputation. Uncompromising hilarity from an articulate stand up who marries whimsy, introspection and observation. A personal favourite of mine (it’s Alastair by the way).

THE LEGION OF DOOM The Legion of Doom are more than a sketch troupe, they’re a Liverpool institution. The Legion provide high concept silliness; sketch comedy that ranges from the intense to the absurd. Expect dark jokes and narratives that explore culture high and low while remaining incredibly daft.

JAYNE EDWARDS Charmingly awkward, Jayne Edwards blurs the line between stand-up and character. To say she is idiosyncratic is an understatement. Offbeat punchlines, flights of fancy and visual aids combine in a tremendously funny cocktail unlike anything you’ve ever seen before (that is unless you’ve seen Jayne Edwards before, in which case you should know exactly what we’re talking about already).

ADAM STAUNTON (Alastair Note: I’ve been struggling to write this for a while so rather than writing a preview about what Adam’s act is like I’ll just write what I’d tell you if you asked me in person.) Adam Staunton is unpredictable. I’ve seen him do all sorts of stuff in all sorts of rooms. The only thing those gigs have in common is that he was funny… dead funny. A versatile performer Adam can tell straight gags, tell stories, perform characters, do sketches, to name just some things. I love watching Adam and can’t wait to see him at Matchbox.


16th and 17th April
- Benefit

Three people and their everyday struggles with their sense of self. A story about lives, loves, victories, and the social systems we depend upon.

Three interwoven stories unlock the frustrations and passions of characters struggling with their bank balances, their histories and their own sense of self. A coup in a foreign country half a century ago, a disability that leaves a person speechless, and a sex addiction that’s destroying a relationship link three characters in a carefully crafted story about lives and loves and the social systems they have come to depend upon. What is left to lose? What is left to gain? And when will equality and justice truly be served?


This production uses forum theatre, a type of interactive theatre which empowers the audience to change the action of the play. You will have the opportunity to debate, disagree and even participate in the show.


Cardboard Citizens is one of the world’s leading practitioners of forum theatre, bringing together diverse audiences in a variety of contexts. The Company has been making life-changing theatre with homeless and marginalised people for over twenty years.

“Cardboard Citizens is a theatre company that must surely rank as being amongst the most genuinely life changing in the uk”

What’s On Stage


21st - 26th April
- No Second Bite

A premiere presentation which has been described as the ‘Liverbirds on Acid’ and produced by Jaiden Micheal this adult comedy is for over 18s ONLY.

No Second Bite

Angie and Bella are single and share a flat in a house presided over by their very odd landlordWeena whose sexuality is a matter for continued debate. Both women hold a long cherished desire for motherhood. Unfortunately Bella is very nearly past her sell-by-date and the years have not been kind. As a result she lacks the confidence to track down a suitable mate. Angie however has ovarian time on her side and encounters few problems in attracting male bed buddies but the prospect of any suitable knight in shining armour riding to her maternal rescue is slight. It appears that men these days seem to be taking precautions – possibly as a result of the CSA. We join them at home one evening for a girls-night-in full of pizza, chocs, wine and a bout of men bashing when both their lives take wholly surprising turns as unexpected guests come knocking.

This premiere presentation is produced by Jaiden Micheal & Karen Struel-White written by Belvedere Pashun (WAG The Musical, Norma Jeane The Musical) and stars Lynne Fitzgerald & Charlie Griffiths as Bella and Angie. Show website No Second Bite


30th April
- Muscovado

A new play about slavery in 19th Century Barbados, combining sexual intrigue, piercing choral music and extreme racial tension


 ‘How come the cane taste so sweet, yet feasts on my blood?’

 Muscovado is the scorching new play by Matilda Ibini about slavery in Nineteenth Century Barbados. A heady mix of sexual intrigue, piercing choral music and extreme racial tension, Muscovado provides an unflinching portrayal of life on a sugar plantation in 1808, accompanied by an original musical score and atmospheric soundscape performed live.                                                                                                                      Muscovado will be touring to theatres and site-specific venues around the UK in 2015.

Really powerful” – BBC Radio 1

“A truly visceral experience. The sweat dripping from the bodies of the actors, confessions in candlelight and sacred song combine with some great writing from a promising future playwright.” **** British Theatre Guide

 “Stirring. This isn’t theatre for the faint-hearted – it’s gruelling stuff. Go if you can.” **** –

 “Compelling. A passionate piece of work. It is a necessary and daring insight into history that though should never be forgotten and should never be repeated. Go and see it!” – Ronke Lawal, Afridiziak




8th May
- Canadian indie Folk artist Tia McGraff

“Tia McGraff has developed into a clever and mature tune smith capable of reaching miles beyond the average folk-country singer-songwriter “
Alan Cackett (Maverick Magazine: UK)

Described as having “a voice stolen from angels” and “the modern day-female Gordon Lightfoot”, internationally acclaimed Tia McGraff is excited to be performing at The Lantern Theatre, along with musical and life partner Tommy Parham.


Described as having “a voice stolen from angels”, Tia McGraff first stepped into the international spotlight on a CBC TV special with Johnny Cash and June Carter. Johnny was so impressed with Tia, he invited her into June’s dressing room to introduce the two. Johnny Cash wasn’t the only one who recognized a shining star! Soon heavy weights like Randy Bachman (BTO), Dan Hill (Celine Dion), Andrew Gold, Mark Slaughter, and countless others, were inviting Tia to write and record with them.
Every songwriter’s dream is to make it in Nashville, and Tia soon found herself moving there to further her passion and craft. It was in Music City, USA, that this Canadian songstress met Colorado native, Tommy Parham (Lee Greenwood’s “Rocks You Can’t Move”.
Together, they have a passion for song writing “outside the box”. They celebrate numerous film/TV placements, including Ashley Judd’s “Come Early Morning”, and their song “All Of Us”, which was used in an Australian TV commercial promoting multiculturalism was also used in a video on World Youth Day in Sydney.


12th - 15th May
- Cremona Corner presents ‘Two’ by Jim Cartright.

‘Two’ by Jim Cartwright. A dark comedy about a local boozer with a cocktail of memorable characters that you won’t forget! Suberbly written, Cremona Corner theatre company presents this piece shaken, stirred and everything in between. With ice and a slice of the perfect night at the theatre.


Ever wondered who some of your fellow boozers really are?? In ‘Two’ we invite you for a night down the local where you will get to know some of the regulars…or irregulars, which may be more apt in this instance. There are more than  fourteen characters to get to know, all played by two actors. So come and join the Landlord and Landlady as your hosts of an eventful evening which could turn out to be funny, frightening, eye opening, moving and sometimes just downright daft! Just another Friday night eh….or Is it??


17th May
- Triple Threat First Draft Presents New Writing Showcase

Showcasing new Musical Theatre writing from creatives across Merseyside.


Local composers, songwriters, lyricists, playwrights, authors and more have come together to form new writing partnerships and create new musical theatre work. Experimenting with new mediums of musical theatre creation, all works are out of context and in a raw form, hence the title First Draft. Come and support local writing and discover a new emerging repertoire of local Musical Theatre songs. Interested in getting involved in future events? A composer without a lyricist? Need a Parker to your Stone? Get in touch @firstdraftMT


22nd May
- Phil Buckleys Big Idea

Have you ever had a great idea? Phil hasn’t. A show that may teach you a thing or two, but probably won’t. “Top-class” – Time Out

Phil Buckley

Have you ever had an earth shatteringly good idea? Phil Buckley hasn’t. After meeting a teenage boy who may have changed the world, Phil has decided to turn his life around and make his mark on the world.


Phil has been performing stand-up since 2003 with shows in the UK, Australia, New Zealand & America. His TV credits include ‘Stand-Up Jenny’ (ITV), ‘Glee Time (ITV), ‘City Life’ (Channel M) and was interviewed about his shows on ‘Look North’ (BBC1) and ‘Breakfast show’ (Channel M).


Back on the road by popular demand, Phil is taking his brand new show around the UK. Listen as multi award nominated comedian Phil Buckley tries to turn himself from an idiot to a genius by unorthodox methods. Filled with hilarious observations, anecdotes and unashamed jokes, this show may teach you a thing or two, but probably won’t.


*****“Elevating the silly and ridiculous to brilliant comic art” –  The Skinny


**** “Downright hilarious. Interspersed with some savvy observations” – Three Weeks


“The best example of comedy timing I have seen this year” – The Scotsman


26th - 30th May
- Soweto Choir

With their unique all singing, all dancing performances the choir completely captivate; by the end audiences are left breathless, often deeply moved.


With their unique all singing, all dancing performances the choir
completely captivate; by the end audiences are left breathless, often
deeply moved.


3rd June
- The Songs of Leonard Cohen

Keith James in Concert

Each song stripped back – desolate and sensual

Enigmatic, mysterious and sub textural, songwriter Leonard Cohen is an unflinching character, with an exact sense of prose, a wry humour and courage to wrestle with unspoken human frailty.

Keith James, with an undying love of the ‘pure song’ gives you a concert of this amazing material in his intimate and sensitive style, exposing the solitary inner strength of Cohen’s greatest songs in their original perfect form.              



‘Some of the most atmospheric and emotive music you will ever hear’  The Independent


12th June
- As If By Magic The Genius of Mr Benn

Mr Benn narrator Ray Brooks talks to Sam Westerby about his incredible career.

Mr Benn waving (Large)

Among Ray’s other screen credits are Cathy Come Home, Eastenders, Big Deal and The Knack and How to Get It which won the Palme d’Or at the 1965 Cannes Film Festival.

Cult series Mr Benn’s legion of fans include Oasis singer Liam Gallagher. The cartoon came sixth in the 2001 Channel 4 poll The 100 Greatest Kids’ TV shows.

There will be an opportunity to meet the actor after the show.


18th June
- Claude Bourbon Medieval and Spanish Blues

Ready for a unique and talented take on a wide range of musical traditions? Claude Bourbon is known throughout Europe and America for amazing guitar performances that take blues, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Russian stylings into uncharted territories. Each year Bourbon plays more than 100 shows around the world.

Claude Bourbon 4bis

Claude has played countless venues, including Glastonbury Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, Colne Great British & Blues Festival, Rock O’Z Arene, Avenches, Switzerland, among others. He has shared the stage in Europe and the USA with countless musicians, Calvin Russel, Charlie Morgan (Elton John, Gary Moore), Jan Akkerman (Focus), Steve Grossman (Miles Davis), Herbie Armstrong ( Van Morisson), Jose barrense Dias and many more.


Now based in the UK, some of this guitarists’ influences allow us a fascinating insight into this remarkable musician; Paco De Lucia: Deep Purple’s Richie Blackmore; Joaquin Rodrigo; JJ Cale, Monty Python; JS Bach and Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks….


One reviewer even noted that although “Claude’s roots were in blues, that is like saying Leonardo da Vinci was a painter”.  Intrigued ?


Experience an evening of exploration in the unique ambiance of the Thumb !



“… not a same ole same ole gig…”



“ Claude Bourbon is a unique figure today… his playing is almost indescribable“ – The Hook, Charlottesville, USA


“Never heard anyone get that much beautiful sound out of a J-45″, Bob, Tucson, AZ


“Do you know what Medieval guitar sounds like? I didn’t either ‘til I hooked up with Claude! This is some cool stuff, and he’s French and everything!” Dolores River Brewery, Dolores, CO


“A breathtaking acoustic fusion of blues, jazz, folk, classical and Spanish guitar from a stunning guitar virtuoso…”Altadena News, USA”


“…This accomplished artist offers tender, compelling performance through highly developed precision. His sound instantly creates ambience – from haunting Spanish moods to lyrical, romantic jazz, Claude Bourbon provides both a rich evening of music for lovers, and a real treat for music lovers…”, BBC, UK



27th June
- Lightspeed

Told in reverse order Lightspeed follows the relationship of Emma and Charlie – falling into each others ideological fantasies and unrealistic realities.

The award winning Organised Chaos Productions bring their latest production to Liverpool.

Lightspeed is told in reverse order. Emma and Charlie’s paths cross one day. She leads him to believe that she is besotted with the idea of date and love and him. He is sceptical yet intrigued by her mystery. Emma however is playing a game and never truly reveals her feelings. The roles then reverse and Charlie becomes the very character that Emma portrays in the beginning. He falls into her trap of ideological fantasies and unrealistic realities.


30th June
- Merseyside Academy of Drama Showcase

Merseyside Academy of Drama presents their end of term showcase with work from advanced and intermediate acting and musical theatre students


Merseyside Academy of Drama offers classes and courses in acting and communication skills for adults of all ages and experience levels. Classes include acting, musical theatre, acting for camera and public speaking and are designed to help you to learn valuable skills while having fun.


27th July - 2nd August
- Shiny New Festival Multipass

Shiny New Festival returns for 2015 with another impressive lineup of theatre, comedy and more.

Shiny New Festival 2015

Bursting in to it’s 4th year Shiny New Festival 2015 promises to be it’s best year yet. With a line up that will leave Liverpool’s fringe fans crying out for more this year will also see the inclusion of music in to the festivals lineup with a range of local vocal talents taking to the stage for a post performance party each evening.

Grab your advanced Shiny New Festival Multi-pass for the evening of your choice or for the full week and make huge savings.

Lineup TBA



15th August
- Our Kylies Gettin Wed

Stripped Down Theatre present ‘Our Kylie’s Gettin’ Wed’

standard 'WED' poster with titles

‘Our Kylie’s Gettin’ Wed’ is an incredibly funny yet touching show about the trials and tribulations of every family wedding that you have ever been to. It revolves around four friends (the groom, best man and two ushers) who switch from character to character to tell the story of the whole wedding. All the key aspects of the day are covered including dad dancing, promiscuous bridesmaids and overzealous photographers, each one flowing on seamlessly to the next to tell an overall story. It’s a true feel good show which will make you laugh, but will also bring a tear to your eye. “I’ve been back to see it several times… Pitch-perfect writing and stunning performances combine to make this an UNMISSABLE show!!!”

Duration 90mins


12th December
- Henry Priestman

“It’s absolutely brilliant…..he’s found his voice!” Bob Harris, BBC
Radio 2

Henry’s Lantern Theatre Christmas Show 2014 was a huge success, and
sold out 3 months before the gig, so be quick to snap up tickets for
this, his “2nd Annual Lantern Theatre (vaguely) Christmas Show”

In 2009 Henry (who wrote all those hits for The Christians in the 80’s,
and Yachts’ songs in the 70’s) reinvented himself as a
singer-songwriter, and released his debut solo CD “The Chronicles of
Modern Life” to critical acclaim. And in 2014 the follow-up album “The
Last Mad Surge of Youth” brought forth even more 4 star reviews.
UnCut: 8/10 “…compares favourably to Ray Davies. These are
heart-warming self-assured songs from a man confidently declaring that
he’s not done yet”


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The Lantern Team

Dedicated to the development and delivery of new talent, here at Lantern Theatre Liverpool. We are committed to bringing fresh ideas to our stage and to your attention.

Lantern Theatre Liverpool is an intimate, family run venue, nestled in the heart of Liverpool’s creative playground – The Baltic Triangle. A converted warehouse on the edge of Liverpool One, Lantern Theatre Liverpool emanates a bohemian contemporaneity that makes it the perfect location for unique, ground-breaking theatre.

Founded in 2009 by ‘tiny Giants Productions’, the theatre changed hands in September 2011 when mother and daughter combination, Margaret Connell and Siobhan Noble, stepped in to take the reins. With a vision centred upon the support of local artists – especially those looking for their first professional platform – a new era for Lantern Theatre Liverpool began.

Since then we have received fantastic feedback from both artists and public alike and are quickly becoming an established member of the Liverpool theatre scene. In partnership with Lantern Theatre Liverpool, in-house technician Peter Mitchelson, launched Shiny New Theatre Festival in July 2012, showcasing pre Edinburgh Fringe performances. Resident theatre company, New Leaf Theatre Ensemble, offer weekly acting training for adults of all ages and ability and we are currently developing a young writers programme. Watch this space


Siobhan Noble

Siobhan Noble is co-owner and Marketing Manager at Lantern Theatre Liverpool. Siobhan’s entrepreneurial flair began in 2008 with the launch of vintage boutique, Tatties Vintage. With over 6,000 likes on Tatties Vintage business page, it was clear that Siobhan had found her niche in marketing. Combine this with having spent the majority of her childhood in rehearsal rooms with mum, Margaret, it is no surprise that Siobhan felt ready for the challenge that is Lantern Theatre Liverpool.


Margaret Connell

Margaret Connell, co-owner and Artistic Director at Lantern Theatre Liverpool, began her career in theatre as a member of The Liverpool Playhouse Youth Arts Team. Margaret, who has a Masters in Applied Drama, has extensive experience both in higher education and in the industry. Margaret most enjoys the variety of performance and the opportunity to meet so many interesting and talented people working at a fringe venue affords.

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Through our Education/Outreach programme Lantern Theatre Liverpool (LTL) aims to; create opportunities for people to engage in participatory arts projects, engage and empower people and communities, create professional development opportunities for local artists, promote the value of diversity and inclusion and to maximize the value of project legacies.

School workshops
LTL provides drama based workshops for schools, pupils and teachers, delivered here or in your school at very competitive prices. Contact for details.

Summer Schools
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Venue hire

‘You know how it is with venues: most make you happy to be there; a rare few make you feel there is nowhere else you would rather spend the evening. So it is at the small but perfectly set-up Lantern’ The Observer

The Lantern Theatre is an open plan, modular space that can be used for a variety of different events, theatre, music and comedy. It’s current configuration is for theatre but can easily be changed to suit the needs of your event. The size and shape of the venue gives a level of intimacy that audience members will love.

The performance space is roughly 6.5 x 6.5 meter with two sets of curtains at the rear of the space to enable crossovers. The lighting facilities in the theatre are limited due to the size of the space and are rigged at the front and sides only. Our technicians will also be on hand to make any slight adjustments, dependent on your needs. The space does have some height restriction and cannot support sets in excess of 2.45 meters, we therefore strongly advise that you view the venue before making a booking.

The back stage and dressing room area is relatively compact but can easily accommodate a cast of 10 – 15. The Lantern Theatre has a fully licensed bar serving drinks, snacks and ice cream before, during the interval and after the performances. The bar will be staffed at all times and also serves as the box office for members of the public who wish to purchase their tickets on the day of the performance. Audience members are advised to arrive 15 – 30 minutes before the event begins. The venue has a capacity 100 maximum. Staff and cast members are included in this and should, therefore, be factored in.

The configuration of seating that you currently see in the plan has the capacity for an audience of 73. An extra row of seats at the front would give a capacity of 85. For special events like music or comedy nights the seating can be moved to allow for tables and chairs and a small stage. There is also a goods lift which can be used to transport set/costumes, however it must be supervised by our staff at all times.

Bar hire

The recently renovated Lantern Theatre Bar is an inviting candlelit hub of creativity, where theatregoers can mingle with cast and creatives for post performance chats in an intimate setting. Reasonably priced drinks in a unique space only add to the character of this fringe venue. Turn off your Instagram filter; Lantern Theatre Bar has a natural glow of its own.

As well as for post theatre drinks LTL Bar is available to hire for private functions and lends itself to a variety of occasions. Be it birthday party, baby shower or a simple friendly get together, it is the perfect venue. Catering facilities are available as well as a range entertainment. Call today to discuss party packages.

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